Engraved rings

At Studio Kroewe, we’re not only embracing the beauty of jewelry, but also their rich history. We welcome you to the wonderful world of engraving, where customization is the rule rather than the exception.

In short - come visit our studio to discuss all the options. Here you’ll find some basic information, so you know what to expect when choosing your forever signet.

Say it without words

Signet originates from the Latin root "signum," meaning sign. Timeless symbols of authority and heritage. They tell the stories of the dawn of civilization, the extravagant royals, and remarkable families. With attention to detail and craftsmanship, this collection pays tribute to this legacy.

All our signet rings are solid gold, making them last for generations and a future family heirloom. Then, now and always.

The techniques

We offer different techniques and styles for your custom made signet ring. You can go for a solid gold piece, a beautiful blue cameo stone, or the - more traditional- layer agate stone. For all these finishes we can create custom made engraving. When you add something personal, it becomes even more, your story. 

Different techniques of engraving

For all our signet rings we offer different kinds of engraving techniques. Where gold can be engraved in 3 different techniques, the layer agate stone and the cameo can only be engraved using 1 technique. There a 3 types of engraving:

  • Flat engraving 
  • Flat engraving with decorated background
  • Deep engraving

Budget & pricing

After your atelier visit, we'll translate your vision into a sketch. Following this, we'll present a quote, ensuring transparency and alignment with your budget. Please note that there are additional costs associated with a design specially made for you. We recommend that you view our signet rings on our website to get an estimate of average prices, keeping in mind that a larger or smaller ring and a different engrave technique will affect the total price. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Please book an appointment in our studio so we can provide you with all the information regarding different techniques, shapes and prices. 

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Custom designs

If you already have a design in mind, then you have taken a step in the right direction. If it is not yet a concrete idea, we can create a design for you based on your wishes.

For example, we can sketch an animal, a personal monogram, an object or a symbol that has meaning for you - and place it on your signet of choice.

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Individual monograms are mainly used as own trademarks nowadays reflecting the wearer’s personality. You probably know the rings from your grandfather - often with a blue stone and his initials in it.

Find our collection of monogram rings here.

Say it without words - Studio Kroewe® signets are story tellers on their own.

Coat of arms

Each element of a family coat of arms has a symbolic meaning, often derived from the history, origin, profession, or achievements of your family. Quite special to wear that, isn't it? The exact arrangement of the coat of arms is subject to the creativity of the engraver, taking into account the heraldic rules and is adapted by hand engraving to the respective stone shape and size.

All coat of arms rings are custom designs and are therefore only available on request in our studio

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Every engraved detail, every symbol carries a meaning that goes deeper than the surface.

True artisans

Just a heads-up; Our engravings are carried out by one of the few master engravers in the Netherlands. They are true craftsmen and that is why we do not offer engravings of names and dates on the inside of rings. We also only engrave our own collection of jewelry.