Ring size & resizing

Ring size

The ring that you will wear for a lifetime must fit perfectly! Do you want to order one of our rings but you don't know your ring size? No stress! We made it very easy for you. This ring sizer will flip your cold feet into a gold rush!

We have found a few quick ways to check your ring size and make sure you order the correct size:

    • Take a ring that fits you perfectly. Place the ring on a ruler and measure the diameter of the ring. Make sure to include the size in millimeters. Then check the table below for your ring size! - Easy does it :)

    • Another way is to trace the outline of your finger. Grab a piece of string and wrap it around the finger you would like to measure, marking where the end of the string meets the start with a pen. Then measure the length with a ruler in millimeters. This will then give you the circumference of your finger. You can use the table below to calculate your ring size.

    • Order a ring sizer with us and get this measuring tool at your doorstep the next day. If you order a ring from us based on your ring sizer, you will receive the ring sizer as a gift! So no extra expenses. ;-) Order it here.

    Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) Ring size
    13 41 13
    13.25 42 13.25
    13.5 43 13.5
    14 44 14
    14.25 45 14.25
    14.5 46 14.5
    15 47 15
    15.25 48 15.25
    15.5 49 15.5
    16 50 16
    16.25 51 16.25
    16.5 52 16.5
    17 53 17
    17.25 54 17.25
    17.5 55 17.5
    18 56 18
    18.25 57 18.25
    18.5 58 18.5
    19 59 19
    19.25 60 19.25
    19.50 61 19.50
    19.75 62 19.75
    20 63


    Resizing Vintage Items

    As the rings are vintage they are already sized and not newly made to fit. On each product page, you can see which size the ring is available in. Have you fallen in love with a vintage item but it is not your size? In order to help you, we have also added the possibilities for resizing each item. However, there are limitations. So we look at this per item. Mail to hello@studiokroewe.com with the vintage ring of your dreams and the desired size. We will then see if it is possible.

    Adjustment costs by STUDIO KROEWE
    - Reducing the size €35,00 (in total)
    - Enlarging the size €55,00 (per size)

    All our vintage items have been checked by an expert to be able to accept the quality of these. They are checked for: quality of precious stones and composition of metals. All of our Vintage jewelry is guaranteed for 12 months. Please note that this warranty is void if the ring is adjusted by another goldsmith and once a ring has been resized we are unable to offer a refund.