Made to order

How we do it

Our complete collection is produced on a made-to-order basis. This means that your jewelry is only made after an order has been placed by you. We use 14k recycled gold and produce locally with talented goldsmiths.

We believe in a production process that is fair and responsible. In an industry that is fast and lavish, we want to lead by example - We design jewelry that transcend the seasons, so you can wear them forever and even pass these pieces down as heirlooms one day too. Modern heirlooms with a vintage twist.

Good things take time

We're all about embracing the idea that good things take time, especially when it comes to crafting a unique piece of jewelry just for you. We encourage our customers not just to understand but to eagerly look forward to the delightful period between investing in their dream piece and watching it come to life. Because, let's be honest, the best things in life are worth the wait – with a sprinkle of extra time. ;-)

Once we get your order, we pass it on to one of our talented local goldsmiths. Give it 3 to 4 weeks for the magic to happen. We'll be your enthusiastic companions throughout this journey – from order, to creation, to the grand shipping finale. Thanks a bunch for being patient; your beautiful order is something that will bring you joy for a lifetime.

Made to order to last a lifetime. Modern heirlooms with a hint from the past.

Bespoke jewelry

Because we work on a made to order basis, we can also add specific wishes to our designs. Or maybe we don't offer your ring size as standard? No problem, everything is negotiable. Please bear in mind that bespoke jewelry is custom made for you, making it a final sale. These personalized pieces cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please read more about bespoke jewelry here.


All images and specifications are an indication. Every product is handcrafted so variation may occur. We work with products that nature provides, like gemstones, so colors and sizes are indications. We believe that this makes each piece unique and adds to the character of the jewelry.

If a product does not meet your expectation you may return it. Read our return policy.

Agne scroll ring

The Agne ring is handmade treasure from 14-karat recycled gold. This ring is hand engraved by a master engraver with a antique scroll technique. To top it off we added a diamond for that ultimate shine.