Below The Surface

Charlie Dot is a freelance art director at Vogue, a skilled illustrator and notorious gold lover. Her chunky, bold and wild taste (and personality!) is very much loved by us.

Her fascination with the deep waters and mystical creatures within inspired her to create the 'Below The Surface' concept. An Art Deco theme for 3 solid gold signet style rings with drawings by her hand. Pieces that tell the story of mermaids, wild romances and diving into the deep.

Together with Charlie we designed an iconic set of rings that were brought to life by one of our expert goldsmiths. It is the perfect collaboration between imagination and creation. Shop the collection here.

The signet rings are big, robust and a little wonky. As if they have been hidden for years at the bottom of the sea. Below the surface, these beauties are waiting for you to wear them all the time! Dive into those golden treasures and never let them go.

This collaboration is an ode to creativity and finding a newfound respect for craftsmanship. There are so many beautiful details to discover in traditional handicrafts. Each piece is drawn by us and handcrafted by an expert artisan from 14K recycled gold.

Do you dream of a ring full of stories that sparkles like the night? Become a hypnotist collector, a walking antique.

Below The Surface