Then, now, always.

We work with 14k recycled gold, meaning the gold is reclaimed from previously owned jewelry, which is then melted and newly refined. All our rings are created from this recycled 14-karat gold and are made to last a lifetime. 14k is the most durable karat of gold. A piece of jewelry made of 14k gold consists of more than 58.5% gold. It has the perfect mix between gold, silver and copper. Perfect to pass on for generations.

Your own gold

Do you have some golden jewelry at home that you never wear? We would be able to use your old gold in a new piece of jewelry. Hand it in so we can make something new out of it. This can be done in 2 different ways. 

For both methods, we calculate the value of your invested gold. We test the gold for the number of carats, and weigh the amount of gold. Based on this, we determine how much your invested gold is worth. We deduct that amount from the invoice, because we used your gold as a means of payment.

Example: Do you have 10 grams of 14k gold? If the daily rate is at €30/pr grams, then you receive a deduction on the invoice of €300 for the gold that you handed in.

Handmade from 14k recycled gold - It's old gold for a new life.

#1 You hand in old gold for money

The first option is very simple. The gold that you no longer do anything with, you hand in at the daily rate as a discount on the invoice. We don’t use this gold specifically for your jewelry, but it is melted and processed in larger numbers with other people’s handed in gold to make our collection. We use it as a payment for your new piece. You can also hand in karat gold other than 14 and white gold via this route.

#2 We process your gold in a new piece of jewelry

Does your gold have a lot of sentimental value? Then processing your own gold is of course more than worth it. Your gold will be processed separately in a new piece of jewelry especially for you. Please bear in mind that there are additional costs associated with processing your gold separately if they hold stones.

Visit us

We advise you to book an studio visit and bring your gold to the appointment. Then we will have a look at your items and explain the options to you for the new design. Please note: We do not re-use gemstones except for diamonds. Not all models are suitable for using your own gold. We are happy to discuss the options with you in our studio.

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