14K gold

We work with 14k recycled gold, this means the gold is reclaimed from previously owned jewelry, which is then melted and newly refined. All pieces are made from this recycled 14-karat gold and are made to last forever. 14-karat is the most durable karat of gold. A piece of jewelry made of 14k gold consists of more than 58.5% gold. It has the perfect mix between gold and other metals. Perfect to pass on for generations.


Every piece is a reflection of our partnership with the most skilled goldsmiths and crafts(wo)men from the Netherlands. We use old techniques that The Netherlands was so famous for back in the days, and we give those techniques a new life. By binding our talents together, we create unique pieces while sustaining their craft. As a result, you often have a unique piece of jewelry that is made with a lot of love, which makes you feel in love! (forever!)