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Our story

Never inherited a ring from your grandmother? Why not start the tradition of heirlooms yourself? Studio Kroewe designs iconic rings for everyday gold diggers with a hint from the past. The collection is a collage of made-to-order designs and occasionally some vintage treasures. By using leftover materials such as recycled gold and by producing locally, Studio Kroewe is made for the absolute gold-crushers and world-lovers.

Got it from my granny

Daisy van Leeuwen (1990) & Elisabeth van Aalderen (1986) left their careers as a marketing manager & art director in the fashion industry to found Studio Kroewe. Both inspired by the rings they inherited from their grandmothers, they had the need to create something that would last forever.

You could say, Studio Kroewe’s designs are an ode to our grandmothers and their gold rush. And those designs are not old-fashioned to say the least. Because gold never bores, right? They’re not guided by (fast) trends, but want to create something close to heart. In an industry which is fast they want to lead by example.

14k recycled gold

We believe in a production process that has minimum impact. We use 100% recycled 14k gold and produce everything locally on a made-to-order basis to reduce our footprint. We only work with women who align with our values of crafting. We use old techniques that The Netherlands was so famous for back in the days.

Your future heirloom

Made to last forever, you can wear your jewelry for a lifetime and even pass these pieces down as heirlooms one day too. This gives the jewelry more value than gold will ever get. Because a beautiful ring should not only look great, it should also feel great!

We make everything made to order. Therefore we can create your perfect wedding or engagement ring together. Want to know more about this? Read our Made to Order policy here.

We use recycled 14k gold
& produce everything locally on a made-to-order basis to reduce our footprint.

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