Sustainable fashion week!

 And we are so glad we are part of the new wave of sustainable brands. 💫

At Studio Kroewe we don’t really like the idea of “collections”- it feels like something temporary. So we drop a new design now and then, which will be there for a long time. We believe in designs that transcend the seasons.

We couldn’t agree more with @vkoblenko about her tips on sustainability in fashion and the way we consume it; here are some of her tips:

💜 - buy less, but buy better. Invest in pieces that are made to last long.

💜 - don’t buy for the fun of it, buy it because you want to invest in something precious.

💜 - do your homework! Take the time to figuring out which brand uses better materials and offers better working conditions for their craftsman.

Salute you fabulous woman!!

Sustainable fashion week!