14k gold

Studio Kroewe only works with 100% 14k gold and rich materials like freshwater pearls, Ruby, Amethyst and Emerald. You can keep your Studio Kroewe jewels forever and even pass these pieces down as heirlooms one day too. Make sure to stay away from fake gold to ensure you never have a green finger again. Choose wisely, only the real deal for you!

The term 'carat' indicates how much pure gold is in a piece of jewelry. One carat is 1/ 24th part of pure gold. There are seven different types of gold - 8k, 14k, 18k, 20k, 21,6k, 22k & 24k - the higher the number of carats, the purer the gold.  And the lower the carat, the stronger.


Still, a purer gold piece of jewelry is not necessarily better.  Adding other metals is essential to strengthen the gold: pure gold is very soft. Without adding these metals it is difficult to make a gold piece of jewelry and when it is made it will also bend, wear or break more easily. This is why the most durable one is 14k.

A jewelry of 14k gold consists over 58,5% gold (Indicated with 585). It has the perfect mix between gold and other metals, for the piece of jewelry to last forever and ever.


We believe in a production process that is fair and sustainable. That is why we choose to produce everything locally, responsibly and fairly. We produce in small batches with local goldsmiths on a made-to-order basis to eliminate excess. As a result, you often have a unique piece of jewelry that is made with a lot of love, which makes you feel in love!

We strive to only use fair-trade or recycled gold. It is an ongoing process to achieve this and to lessen the impact we have on the environment.


Buy less, but buy better. We want you to wear your gold a life-time, so invest in the real deal. 14k gold is a very strong and durable material. We want our jewelry to be around for generations. And if it is no longer your taste, you can always melt it into something else. Or even better: Pass it on to a loved one: This gives the pieces more value than gold will ever get! In that sense it is certainly sustainable to save for the real deal: 14k gold.
14k gold