Your own gold

Do you have gold jewelry that you don't wear anymore? Hand it in so you can make something new out of it. Recycle your own gold!

This can be done in 2 ways:
- Hand in gold for a discount on your invoice
- Hand in gold to melt and use in your new jewelry

The price of your gold

For both methods, we give the gold price of the daily exchange rate. So we buy the gold from you. The value of this differs per carat gold. The higher the carat, the more value of your gold. Gemstones and other materials are excluded and have no return value.
If you bring in your gold, we'll estimate its value. We test the gold for the number of carats, and weigh the weight of your gold. Based on this, we determine how much your invested gold is worth. We deduct the amount from the invoice, because we used your gold as a means of payment.
Example: Do you have 10 grams of 14 karat gold? If the daily rate is at €28/pr grams, then you will receive €280 for the gold that you hand in.

Hand in or process gold

You can choose that you only hand in the gold, and we will process it in big amounts, together with other handed in gold. Or you can choose to have the gold processed separately in a new piece of jewelry especially for you.

The first option is very simple. The gold that you no longer do anything with, you hand in at the daily rate as a discount on the invoice. Then we don’t use this gold for your jewelry specifically, but it is melted and processed in larger numbers with other people’s handed in gold.

If you want to reuse your own gemstones processing cost will be charged. It is a delicate proces and takes time to dismantled the jewelry and remove gemstones. For this we charge costs between €75 - 150. Please not there is always a change of the stones breaking when removed and placed back. This risk is on yourself. If the stones breaks we do not replace it. 

Please note: not all models are suitable for using your own gold. We are happy to discuss the options with you in our studio, but you can also call or email us. 

Does your gold have a lot of sentimental value? Then processing your own gold is of course more than worth it. If you only want to save on a new item, returning it may be a cheaper option.

If you have any questions based on this information, you can always email or book an appointment and visit the studio.